To book the apartment at Cost Natura Naturist Resort you can use the booking form at the right-hand side of the website. If the period you want is available, click on all the dates when you will be sleeping in the apartment and fill in the form and send it. The days of your reservation will immediately show as “Pending” (grey). As soon as possible we will answer your request with a confirmation email and your booking will show as “Booked” (red).

Alternatively, you can email us using the email address below; if you’d like a call back – leave your number.  It’s not practical to leave a contact number as we are often travelling but we will call back promptly from wherever we are.  If your email is in a language other than English or Spanish please keep it simple and direct, we use “google translate” to read and respond. Actually keep it simple in Spanish too!

Payment must be made 8 weeks before your stay by a transfer to our bank. We will give you the account details in the confirmation email.

We supply sheets and towels, changed weekly.  Please feel free to use any consumables you find in the apartment, but please do not leave dishwasher tabs or washing machine detergent at zero when you leave!

If you have any questions please email